The Spring Treatment consists of:

Mowing the lawn down as short as possible: This helps to remove any excess grass.

Scarify the lawn: This further removes excess grass, specifically the thatch layer (dead grass organic matter that has built up over the years from mowing). Scarifying the lawn, allows the grass and soil to breathe thus resulting in healthier turf and encourages new growth. This process does leave a fair amount of clippings which will be raked up, cleaned and removed.

Topdressing: Once all the excess has been removed, we can start to perform the topdressing on your lawn. It is in this space that there is an allowance for flexibility of your budget. There are numerous different compost mixes available in various qualities. The selected lawn dressing is worked into the surface to create a level surface and we ensure the dressing is spread equally. The topdressing should not be spread too thick as to bury the grass, as it will result in the suffocation of the grass.

Fertilizer: In selecting your fertilizer, we suggested that your budget be considered. There is a variety of different fertilizers, varying in price that can be used. The fertilizer would be spread equally over the lawn. We would then water the lawn dressing and fertilizer to ensure that the lawn can benefit fully from the process. If the lawn does not get sufficient water, the lawn could get burnt from the fertilizer.