Shade Over Seed

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This a cool-season grass that is designed for semi-shade and full shade areas. It is ideal for smaller properties with more shade and less air flow where the more commonly used grasses like Kikuyu struggle.

The sewing rate is 40g/m2 (4kg/100m2). The area where the grass is to be planted must be loosened up and a compost mix must be mixed into the soil. The area must then be raked level in one direction. Add the seed either by hand or using a drop seeder. Rake the seed in the opposite direction to the original direction. Fertilizer can be added to boost the initial growth period and add water straight after. The ideal time to seed would be in autumn and spring, and best to seed early in the season.

It is a quick germinating, non-spreading bunch grass. Unlike the more familiar warm-season grass, Kikuyu that spreads, this grass only growth vertically. When seeding best to use slightly more than the recommended rate. This grass does not like to be cut too short, especially in summer.