The Main Reasons To Lay New Lawn Include:

Poor soil: Nursery Nearby will lift the current grass and implement the correct cultural practices to ensure quality growth. Poor soil may be a result of various causes.

Shade: Shade often results in bare patches. An option is LM grass as this grass can work well in the shade but can struggle in the winter. We also recommend cool-season seeds (Rye and Evergreen Grass seeds). The Rye and Evergreen Grass seeds do very well in shade and can cope in the harsh Johannesburg cold.

Level: A common problem is an uneven lawn. Nursery Nearby is able to remove the current grass, prepare and level the surface, making sure the soil is adequate and re-lay the lawn. We could either re-lay the old lawn or we could lay new lawn. 


Kikuyu/Cynodon (warm-season lawn):

We recommend Kikuyu/Cynodon grass as these are the most appropriate grasses in Johannesburg, and are well-accustomed to the Highveld conditions.

The best time to lay lawn is in the summer months, as that gives the grass the best opportunity to root and establish. We advise to not lay lawn in winter, as the grass goes dormant in winter.

LM/Rye grass (cool-season lawn):

The best time to lay the grass would be in spring (August/September) and autumn (April).