Gaura Belleza Pink

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  • Thrive in full sun
  • Grows up to 30-45cm tall
  • Well-drained, compost-enriched soil

The Gaura Belleza is perfect to place in your garden beds, borders, and containers, with its pretty flowers that resemble butterflies. They come in various colours. 

How to grow:

If you grow the plant in masses or use it as a bedding plant, you need to space individual plants about 10 inches apart. The Gaura Belleza's foliage tends to stay dense right to the ground. The plant flourishes in sunny conditions but will tolerate afternoon shade. It grows at a fairly rapid pace, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for up to seven years.

How to care:

It is a trouble free, low maintenance plant. Apply a thick layer of mulch in winter to protect it from the cold. Slightly cut back the old flower stems when the plant is untidy as this promotes new growth and flowers.