Barbeta Coated RPR Perenial Rye Grass Seed

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This cool-season grass flourishes in cooler conditions and shade. It is not not as hardy as the more common grass variety in JHB, kikuyu but as the name suggests, it is regenerating which means that is can recover once damaged. The comman rye grass does not.  It does require a fair amount of water and is susceptible to decease.

The sewing rate is 40g/m2 (4kg/100m2). The areas must be loosened up and a compost mix be added into the soil. The area must then be prepared by raking level the soil in one direction. Add the seed by hand or using a drop seeder. Rake the seed in the opposite direction to the original direction when the soil was prepared. Fertilizer can be added to boost the initial growth period and add water straight after seeding. It is best to seed in autumn and spring, and preferably early in the season.

It is a quick germinating, non-spreading bunch grass. It is not like our more familiar warm-season grass, Kikuyu that spreads. This grass only grows vertically. When seeding it is a good idea to utilise slightly more than the recommended rate. This grass should not be cut too short, especially in summer.