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Winter Garden Tips Part 1:

We all look forward to our spring gardens coming to life. In contrast to that our winter gardens can look dull, lifeless and lacking in colour. To see the full potential of your gardens coming to life in spring, it is now during winter that you can re-think and prepare your garden. There are so many different options to think through to make sure your garden is looking its best, but this post looks at height in your garden.

Height is one of the most under-considered factors in a garden. The use of height creates layers and textures, giving your garden a sense of depth. Depending on what garden you are looking for, formal or a more natural farm style, height will always create the interest you might be lacking.

An idea could be to get a feature tree that could provide a focal point as well as being functional. As a family, picnics could be had under the tree and it could be a welcoming spot for entertaining guests. Examples of such trees could include a Lavender tree or Heteropyxis Natalensis tree.

Shrubs or hedges could also add great interest to your garden. Plant your annuals and perennials at the front of the garden and right behind add some shrubs or hedges. To cover an unattractive wall build a trellis or simply add some wire along your wall for a hedge/creeper to climb on and spread.

The addition of a pergola with a creeper to twine itself around the pergola can be a stunning feature. You can either stick with one variety of creeper, which when flowering is a very impressive mass of colour. Alternatively having different plants flowering at different times is also a lovely feature.

By raising the canopies of trees, shrubs and hedges, you can easily include additional shade perennials or annuals under the new canopy, creating new texture and colour.

Adding pots to your garden with a vertical plant that could stand out as a feature also adds some height and id very eye-catching. Further to this hanging pots and baskets are often a stand-out feature in a garden. There are a huge variety of plant annuals and perennials that can be used to make your hanging pots and baskets a very impressive and colourful space.

I hope these tips will help you look at your garden in a different light and find some inspiration during the cold winter months. Until next week, happy gardening!


The NurseryNearby Team.

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